ZOLL AED Plus® Defibrillator Fully Automatic

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ZOLL AED Plus® equipped with Real CPR Help® technology


ZOLL’s AED Plus is equipped with Real CPR Help technology. The sensor in the pads lets the AED see each chest compression and lets you know how you’re doing.


  • Quick & Easy Application – A one-piece CPR-D-padz electrode for quick, easy application. Pull-tabs expose the conductive gel on each pad only when it is in direct contact with the skin, limiting the chance of gel contamination.
  • Rescue Accessory Package – A rescue accessory package attached to every CPR-D-padz that contains items critical to a successful rescue.
  • Passive Airway Support – A lid that acts as a “passive airway support” to maintain the victim’s open airway.
  • Audio & Text Prompts – A back-lit display screen that provides simultaneous text with every audio prompt, and a circle of lighted graphical icons that show what to do.
  • Real Time Data – A display screen that presents the elapsed time and number of shocks delivered, critical information needed by EMS personnel when they arrive.
  • Real CPR Help – No other AED can see the rescuers chest compressions and guide them to the required depth and rate.
  • Low Ownership Cost – Once installed, the AED Plus has the lowest total cost of ownership of all AEDs on the market, especially when considering the logistics of tracking and changing pads and batteries over the life of the AED.

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