The Rotaid 24/7

Get set to rescue. The Rotaid 24/7 fully monitored security cabinet supports your defibrillator.

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The Rotaid 24/7

Always a fully operational AED

Special technology in the Rotaid cabinet monitors your AED and cabinet 24 hours a day.

Self-test failures from your AED are immediately detected and forwarded via SMS and E-mail.

The expiration dates of your AED, battery and electrodes are automatically monitored and you are informed in advance if action is required.

  • You are always 100% prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest.
  • You maximize the chance of saving a life.
  • You minimize the effort of owning an AED.

Always have your response team ready

When the Rotaid 24/7 cabinet is opened, it immediately and automatically sends an email or SMS to you and the emergency responders that are appointed. They are immediately alerted and mobilised.

Always available

The Rotaid 24/7 cabinet allows you to install your AED in public spaces. The dust and waterproof construction protects your AED from all forms of precipitation. In addition, the fully automatic heating system keeps your AED frost-free during the winter. The AED is always connected via its own mobile internet connection.

Always findable

The distinctive LED lighting and round shape ensures your AED is quickly found, even during the darker hours of the day. The integrated GPS system plots the location of the AED into the dashboard, allowing for online findability of your AED. When the cabinet is moved, it will automatically update its location.

Always accessible

Via the Rotaid 24/7 online dashboard you can always access your AED cabinet. You can assign first responders, connect service employees or adjust the configuration.

The Rotaid 24/7 dashboard

Arrange it quickly and easily with 100% reliability

Via the online dashboard you can access your AED cabinet(s) at any time. Organize maintenance and responder teams, manage your notifications and adjust and change your AED system.

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Accessible and safe

The dashboard is always accessible via your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Through a secure login you can access it day and night. And your data is securely stored and in full compliance with legislation and your privacy.

Check the status of AED online

Your AED is continuously monitored for functionality and availability. If the AED requires service or reports a defect, the appointed person will be notified immediately. Your Rotaid 24/7 cabinet will indicate when actions are needed. Therefore, there is no more need to physically visit your AED.

Appointing and alerting first responders

With the Rotaid 24/7 dashboard you define your own team of responders per cabinet. They automatically receive an SMS or E-mail when the cabinet is opened and the AED is removed.

Connected to local emergency services

The advanced dashboard allows for connecting your AED to third party websites and systems, allowing for integration of your equipment in existing platforms and structures.

Assign your maintenance team

Make it easy to maintain your AED by appointing the right people, that will be automatically notified in case of maintenance or error messages from the AED. They are informed at once when their actions are required and are able to report what actions have been taken.

Change your set-up

Are you planning to change your AED? Do you wish to adjust your alarm and lighting settings? During the lifespan of the 24/7 cabinet, you can change to any configuration you prefer and as often as needed. The platform will adapt to your changing needs at the touch of a button.

Keep track, report and document

The dashboard keeps detailed reports of your AED and events. Download the logfiles in PDF or Excel, select the timeframe you prefer and share these with your team or management. Assign co-administrators and make them part of your management system.

Comparison Table


Indoor Cabinet

Outdoor Cabinet

Rotaid 24/7

For indoor usage
For outdoor usage (no frost)
For outdoor usage (with frost)
Quality Standards
Salt mist protection
UV protection
No WiFi / mobile signal interference
Frost protection up to -20 Celsius
Audible alarm system
Heating system
LED Lighting system
Visual alarm system
AED self-test failure detection
Responder alert system
AED presence detection
Cabinet opening/closing detection
GPS localization
Web-based management portal
SMS / Email notification system
Integrated SIM-Card


All our cabinets only require a short twist to the left to open. The whole cover comes off to provide full access to the defibrillator. The cover is fixated to the backplate via a belt and does not require your attention after opening.

To close the cabinet, place the cover about 15 centimetres to the left (counter clockwise) and then twist to the right until the cover cannot move any further. Please also make sure to enclose the steel hook in the cover when placing the cover when using a Plus, Solid Plus or Solid Plus Heat LED. In the video section on this page a more detailed video can be found regarding the closing of the cabinet.

The alarm is triggered when the cabinet is opened and will sound continuously for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, it will beep every 5 minutes.

  • Place the defibrillator on the platform.
  • Use the elastic band to secure the defibrillator.

Rotaid AED Placement Assistant


The cover needs no maintenance. For a high-quality appearance, you can clean the cover from time to time with a damp cloth to remove dirt and any residual sand.


The back plate requires no maintenance. In the backplate, a rubber ring/seal is mounted to ensure your cabinet is watertight. To make sure this rubber seal remains flexible, please lubricate the seal at least twice a year with a greasy liquid or spray, please do this once before the summer and once before the winter.

Heating & LED lights

The LEDS burn continuously. This makes your AED visible during the dark hours.

The heater works fully automated and will switch on during cold temperatures thanks to the built-in thermostat and controller. Please make sure the socket that powers the heating device will be marked to prevent loss of power.

In case of a malfunction, the LEDs will blink. Your heating device will not work anymore. If so, contact your official Rotaid AED Cabinets distributor for further assistance.

Alarm System

For optimal performance, replace both AA batteries once every 24 months. Only use Alkaline batteries for optimal performance and life span.

What is the power consumption of the Solid Plus Heat Led?

Heating system

The heating system consumes approximately 150 – 170 kWh per year. Measured in the Dutch climate.

A warranty of 2 years applies to all products of Rotaid AED Cabinets.
The following conditions apply to this warranty:

Warranty conditions

  • The product is installed according to Rotaid’s installation instructions.
  • The product is maintained according to Rotaid’s maintenance instructions.
  • The product is bought through certified distribution partners and resellers of Rotaid AED Cabinets.
  • For the Rotaid Solid Plus Heat LED and Rotaid 24/7, the warranty applies only if the system is wired, connected and installed according to the instructions and by using the correct installation materials. These materials are packed with the product and include a certified 24 Volt Transformer, connector set and power cord.
  • If non-official and after-market accessories, products or services
    are mounted / added / used, Rotaid AED Cabinets will not be liable
    for the functioning, safety and quality of its products and the warranty
    is terminated.
  • The Rotaid installation and maintenance instructions are packed with
    every product and can additionally be downloaded on our website :

For warranty claims, please contact us at:

Staying Alive Health
39/5 Spurway Drive
Norwest 2153

1800 724 247

Where can I find the installation guide?

The printed guide is located in the box and provides guidance for a correct installation. For the Solid Plus Heat LED cabinet, an extra installation guide for the connector can be found in the plastic bag (located inside the cabinet together with the connector itself).

Or download here:

Rotaid Solid Plus

Rotaid Solid Plus Heat

Rotaid 24/7

Serial Number – Heating plate

The serial number can be found here:

Serial Number – Rotaid 24/7 Module

The serial number from the Rotaid 24/7 Module can be found here:

Serial Number – Backplate Solid Plus (Heat LED)

The serial number from the Backplate Solid Plus and Solid Plus Heat LED can be found here:


Our cabinet range consists out of three models. The Solid Plus, the Solid Plus Heat LED and the Rotaid 24/7. Customize your Rotaid to your likings, by choosing your preferred colour scheme (transparent green, green, red or yellow), adding an optional audible alarm system or opt for a fully remotely managed solution.

We have a Rotaid cabinet for every application or venue.
Click here: Rotaid Comparison table

Compatible with- Check your AED

List of all compatible AEDs for the Rotaid cabinets:

Rotaid Compatible with List

Brochure Rotaid 24/7

To download the Rotaid 24/7 Brochure go to:
Enter your contact details and you will receive an email with the brochure.

Quality Report

Our cabinets are deployed in a variety of in- and outdoor environments and therefore have to meet the highest requirements when it comes to secure and safe storage of Automated External Defibrillators. With our recent product updates and launch of our Rotaid 24/7 connected cabinet, we asked renowned testing agency EAG Laboratories | A Eurofins Company to run an extensive testing program. This program was conducted in the first quarter of 2020 and focused on dust, ingress, impact and salt-spray protection. The test program was concluded with a radio and signal test, to learn more about the cabinets’ performance when it comes to signal transmittance from and to the cabinet. We are proud to present the results of this program in the following Quality Report.

Contact us directly via or 1800 724 247

What AED brands are compatible with a Rotaid 24/7 cabinet?

A list of all compatible AED brands and types can be found and downloaded on

The best place for a cabinet is in plain sight making it easy to spot in case of a cardiac arrest. Preferably outdoor so the cabinet can be accessed at all times. A power socket is needed and the cabinet needs to be installed on a flat surface to prevent deforming of the backplate. The cabinet can withstand weather conditions but should never hang in direct sunlight.

A Rotaid 24/7 can be installed on multiple places. However, it needs to be installed on a flat surface to prevent the backplate from deforming. Avoid direct sunlight at all times and ensure to maximize shade when finding a suitable location for your Rotaid. It is advised to place it on a visible spot, to ensure quick finding and AED deployment.

The instruction and installation guides can be found and downloaded in PDF format on the or on

Installation of the Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet varies per location. For instructions on your installation, download our installation guide on

The Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet comes with a 24 volts, 3.75 A transformator that can be plugged into a regular 240V socket. Instructions for proper installation of the cabinet and its power source can be found in the installation manual on

The Rotaid 24/7 module has a standalone mobile data connection and needs no Wi-Fi or other computer network to establish an internet connection. It runs on 2G or 4G network, depending on the availability.

Follow the instructions on the Rotaid 24/7 voucher that is supplied with the delivery to activate your account on

The serial number can be found on the white backplate, on the righthand side within the cavity where the AED is placed.

The voucher is supplied with the delivery of the cabinet. This voucher contains a unique number and a QR code that enables access to your personal Rotaid 24/7 dashboard. Activating the voucher will combine the Rotaid 24/7 cabinet to your personal account and subscription.

Go to to create a personal account and activate the Rotaid cabinet and its subscription using the code specified on the voucher.

No, the rotaid 24/7 module is delivered with a fully operational sim card that has worldwide coverage for a mobile data network connection.

The module is compatible with the Rotaid Solid Plus cabinet and the Rotaid Solid Plus Heat cabinet.

Yes, the Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet can be installed on a totem. The instruction manual for installing the cabinet can be downloaded via

No, the heating system on the Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet is fully automized and ensures proper functioning of the cabinet in combination with the AED in all weather conditions.

No, for visibility purposes the light ring is always on. However, the colour inside the cabinet can be adjusted via

After registration on, the correct AED can be selected from a drop-down list. A list of the compatible AED’s can be downloaded via

The brand and type of the AED can be adjusted via the “adjust cabinet” link on your personal dashboard on

It is a personal online platform where you can: adjust one or multiple Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinets, check the real-time status of the AED’s or manage automated SMS and email notifications and responders related to occurrences with the cabinet.

Log in with your username and password or create a new personal account on

After registration of your personal account on you are requested to enter the serial number of the cabinet together with the unique code specified on the Rotaid 24/7 voucher that was included in the delivery of the Rotaid 24/7 cabinet. Once the code is submitted your Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet is activated and registered to your account.

Your Rotaid 24/7 Subscription is activated on Follow the instructions on the voucher supplied in the delivery of your Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet to activate your subscription and register your Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet.

Follow the instructions on to create a personal profile and set a password. In line with the AVG/GDPR regulations Rotaid does not store passwords. Resetting a password can be done via the same system.

The dashboard allows you to set specific SMS and email notifications for occurrences with your Rotaid cabinet or enclosed AED. It allows you to create a team of responders that automatically receive notifications in case of an alarm. Lastly, the dashboard allows you to adjust the light and alarm of the cabinet.

The reference box is meant to assist in recognizing a specific cabinet when there are multiple cabinets linked to one owner. The name entered in the reference box is shown in the SMS and email notifications coming from the AED and the list shown on the dashboard. It is advised to enter a name in the reference box that is related to the location of the cabinet. So that users have a clear understanding from which cabinet the notification is sent.

With the Rotaid 24/7 dashboard, account owners can appoint the management of a cabinet to an administrator. An administrator is then able to manage notifications and maintenance of a single or multiple cabinet(s). Administrators specify notifications via SMS or email to related specific occurrences with the Rotaid 24/7 cabinet and enclosed AED. SMS or email messages can be sent in relation to maintenance needs of the cabinet (notified users). In addition, SMS or email messages can be sent in case of an emergency whenever a cabinet is opened (responders).

Via users can be added and appointed specific messages related to occurrences with the cabinet or it’s enclosed AED. On the dashboard an instruction manual, specifying how users are added and managed, can be downloaded.

Administrators can be changed via using the “change owner” button. Account owners cannot be changed.

Notified users and responders can be added to the Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet via On the dashboard you will find a manual specifying how you are able to add users and how you can appoint specific notifications to each user.

Login to to see the real time status of your AED and cabinet. Click the clock icon to view the history and log of the cabinet and AED.

Login to, open the main menu next to the concerned cabinet’s title and select manage notifications. This function allows you to add users and specify the type of notification that will be sent to each user. The notification can be sent via SMS or email related to different occurrences with the cabinet and the AED.

The Rotaid 24/7 cabinet has a GPS tracker, its coordinates are sent automatically once the cabinet is activated on When the suggested GPS location is not completely accurate, it can be amended manually via the portal.

A list of all compatible AED brands and types can be found and downloaded on

There is no physical connection between the AED and the cabinet. The AED has an autonomous battery and its audible warning system is detected via a special microphone and detection protocol and algorithm.

The strap has a velcro strip and buckle that can be used to firmly strap different AED sizes.

The AED is not physically connected to the cabinet. The AED is equipped with its own battery and does not need any power from the cabinet.

Whenever an AED indicates a failure, it will sound an alarm tone. This tone and its frequency and sequence, is picked up by the cabinet. After detection of the failure, the cabinet immediately sends out a signal to the dashboard that triggers a notification to an appointed user or responder. In order for this system to work correctly, it is crucial that the AED that is placed inside the cabinet is selected in the dashboard. The cabinet will not detect other audible warnings, these are ignored. It will specifically detect the tone of the AED that has been selected.

Yes, once the brand of type of AED placed in the cabinet is changed, the type and brand can be adjusted on This can be done as often as needed and requires no hardware changes on the cabinet side.

On the Rotaid 24/7 quality report can be downloaded that contains all certifications and registrations of the Rotaid 24/7 outdoor cabinet.

The alarm of the Rotaid 24-7 outdoor cabinet has an 84dB and a 98dB setting. It is also possible to have no alarm sound at all. The loudness of the alarm can be adjusted via the personal dashboard on

The USB ports can be used to power side equipment that can be stored with the AED inside the cabinet.

The Rotaid 24/7 comes with a pre-installed SIM card that automatically connects to 2G, 4G and CAT M1 network. If the connection is terminated, the cabinet will automatically select an alternative network. The SIM card is activated immediately once the cabinet is connected to electricity.

The black button is a fail-safe system. Pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds places the cabinet in a Maintenance mode, this will disable the alarm and automatic notifications. The button can be used when the cabinet is opened unintentionally. When performing regular maintenance, it is advised to place a cabinet in Maintenance mode via the dashboard. Whenever a cabinet is closed it disables its maintenance mode and is placed in regular mode.

This will cause the cabinet not to detect the audible warnings from the AED. Via the portal, the brand a type of AED can be adjusted at all times.

Upon delivery the light is set to green. This is the light that is continually on whenever the cabinet is closed. When the cabinet is opened the light blinks red. When the AED is then removed the audible alarm, when set to on, is sounded. If the cabinet is set to test mode the light shows a rainbow-coloured pattern. Via you are able to change the default ring colour.

Maintenance mode can either be activated on via the wrench icon/button and the blue button “Activate maintenance”. It can also be activated manually by pressing and holding the black button on the Rotaid 24/7 module for 5 seconds. It is preferable to set maintenance mode via the Dashboard.

Check if the magnet, that is part of the closing system of the cabinet, is in place.

There is no AED shown on the dashboard

Check in the dashboard if the system is set to the right AED. Selecting a wrong AED can disable communication between the AED and the cabinet.

There is no status of my AED shown on the dashboard

Check via if the system is set to the right AED. Setting a wrong AED can disable communication between the AED and the cabinet.

The device does not have a light

Check if the power cable is correctly connected. Double-check the order and proper attachment of the blue (-) and brown (+) connectors to the power cables that come from the transformer unit.

The device does not have connection

Check if the local mobile network is available and if the cabinet is powered properly.

The device does not have a GPS fix/connection

The device does not have a GPS fix/connection

The device does not have power

Check the power cables for proper connection. Double-check the order the blue (-) and brown (+) power cable connections. Also makes sure the transformer unit is properly connected.

The power cables are connected in the wrong way

Whenever the order (polarity) of the cables is reversed the light, alarm and connection module of the cabinet will not operate.

I do not receive a text message / email

Confirm with the account owner, administrator or AED partner of the Rotaid 24/7 cabinet whether the right user, phone number, email address and message type are correctly specified and appointed in the Rotaid dashboard.

I want to unsubscribe from SMS / email

Contact the account owner, administrator or AED partner of the cabinet and request to be unsubscribed via the Rotaid 24/7 dashboard.

I don’t receive a notification whenever I remove power from the cabinet

24 Hours after disconnection of the power, a notification is sent. This is to evade needless notifications when the cabinet is disconnected for short periods of time or power glitches.

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